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Your Makeup Could be Making You Sick?


Spring is here and many of us are in that Spring cleaning mode which leads me to an important beauty alert– cleaning out our makeup bags!

💄 Just like we reorganize our closets every season, it's crucial to give our beauty products a refresh every three to four months. Why? Because makeup has an expiration date! Using expired makeup can lead to skin irritations, breakouts, and even infections – yikes!

😱 Here's a quick rundown of when to bid farewell to our beloved makeup goodies:

💋 Foundations, powders, and concealers usually last one to two years, but if they start looking funky before that, it's time to toss them out! Watch out for discoloration, separation, or any changes in texture.

💫 👀 Eyeshadows are also on the clock for one to two years. If they start to lose their luster or look a little worse for wear, it's time to say goodbye. Eye pencils should be ditched when they start getting sticky or don't glide on smoothly anymore.

💄 Lipsticks may last one to two years, but if they start feeling gummy or funky, it's time to part ways (even if we love that shade to bits!).

Oh, and let's not forget about our trusty brushes and sponges! Cleaning them regularly – at least once a week – is key to keeping our makeup application flawless and bacteria-free.

So, let's make a pact to keep our makeup bags fresh and clean, okay?

Your skin will thank you for it! 💖


Mastering Your Skincare Routine


Women are always asking me for skincare advice, and I am happy to share because it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what and how to use products, so they get the best results. As a professionally trained makeup artist and beauty expert with 30 years of experience, I’m on a mission to educate as many women as possible in the areas of skincare, makeup, and yes…mindset! (Happiness is the #1 anti-aging ingredient).


The beauty industry and social media influencers offer a plethora of skincare products, each claiming to target different concerns. With so many choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Not to mention, influencers often get paid by beauty brands to recommend products, which doesn’t always help you make an educated decision.


In my recent appearance on the ABC TV morning show, “The Morning Blend,” I shared the correct order to apply your skincare products as well as the type of products you should include in your everyday routine.

👉 Cleanse: Start by cleaning your skin to remove dirt, oil, and makeup residue. Follow up with a gentle cleanser to ensure everything's off!

👉 Toner: Not essential, but it helps remove any leftover residue and prepares your skin for the next steps.

👉 Serum: Target your skincare concerns with a serum. Michelle loves vitamin C for its hydrating and brightening properties.

👉 Eye Cream: Delicate under-eye skin needs special care to prevent fine lines and puffiness. 👉 Moisturizer: Hydrate and protect your skin, even in humid climates. Daytime moisturizers with SPF are a must for sun protection!

🌙 Night Cream: Let your skin repair itself while you sleep with a nourishing night cream. 👀 Remember, SPF is crucial! Apply it after moisturizer or choose products that combine both.


I hope this helps you navigate the skincare maze. In the end, mastering the order of skincare products is about finding a routine that suits you and sticking to it. With a little experimentation and guidance, you'll soon have a regimen that leaves your skin glowing and your mind at ease.


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