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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert & Transformation Coach

Helping women in their 40s, 50s and UP feel more centered, empowered, and ultimately more beautiful!

Unstoppable Confidence

Beauty Redefined



Hi, I'm Michelle!


I am equal parts celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, transformational coach, and motivational maven and I am passionate about YOU! 

I'm 56 years old and my passion is to help women in the prime of their lives feel more centered, em
powered and ultimately more beautiful.


We are in what I call the BEAUTY-FULL years. The BEAUTY-FULL years I'm referring to are the when you are in your 40s, 50s and UP!


We have come to a point in our lives when we have so much life experience, we are stronger, smarter, yet we are also aging and that can be tough to deal with.

Over the last 20 years I've worked with thousands of women, from business leaders, major celebrities, and CEOS to single moms, students and teachers. Each has come to me when they were ready to transform how they look and how they feel.

Through my book, "The Beauty Blueprint", speaking tours and many TV appearances, I've developed a method and process for women all over the world to fall in love with their lives as well as how they look.

As a transformation coach, I help you reclaim your dreams, passions, and help you rediscover who you are on the inside so you can create deep loving relationships, and live a radically successful life on your terms. 

Then as a celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, I provide you with the tools and tips to help you feel radiantly beautiful. 

Yep! It's the full monty...the ultimate INNER OUTER WOW.


This inside-out approach is what makes my work unique.


My TV appearances, podcast, coaching programs and VIP Membership provide women 40+  with powerful tools of transformation; a transformation to not just Look amazing but to BE amazing! 


Download  Michelle's Free Beauty Meditation 

My beauty, health and wellness coaching programs help you feel...

•  Nurtured and supported 

•  Centered and Empowered

•  Radiantly beautiful inside and out

•  Better than you have in years!


Michelle's Free

Beauty Meditation

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Private Coaching

With Michelle


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Want to Feel Self-Confident and Beautiful?

The next best thing to having Michelle as your private beauty coach!


Michelle's Beauty Book  

"The Beauty Blueprint"

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Bestselling Author (Hay House Publishing)



"Michelle was born to teach women the art of self-love and beauty"

Louise Hay Founder of Hay House Publishing, NY Times Bestselling Author of You Can Heal Your Life (35 million copies sold)

" Michelle Phillips is the genuine article- living proof that true beauty always starts within, and can then be celebrated on the outside using the fine arts of hair, makeup, and styling choices!"

Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. Author of NY Times Bestsellers Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

"Michelle brings a set of experiences that are unmatched …first she inspires, and then, more importantly, provides the tool-kit to making your life become what you want it to be."

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera TV Anchor, CNBC "Power Lunch

"Phillips is an authority in the beauty industry and an influencial makeup artist in the entertainment industry”

Modern Salon Magazine

"Michelle Phillips’ work is exemplary. Michelle tops the list as professional. And talented."

Shawna Shepherd, Executive Producer The Daily Show

"Anyone lucky enough to work with Michelle will benefit from her amazing work ethic and authenticity. It’s a privilege to know her and work with her!"

Andrea Jackson, National TV Host

"Michelle Phillips is the most talented makeup artist in the world!!"

Tanya LaCroix Maxim Magazine

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