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Michelle Phillips

Celebrity Makeup Artist & Beauty Expert 
Self-Confidence Coach
Bestselling Hay House Author 

Hey thereBeautiful,


​I’m Michelle Phillips, celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert,  transformation coach, speaker, and bestselling author of "The Beauty Blueprint" (Hay House Publishing).

It’s my mission to redefine beauty! Combining my years of experience as a top celebrity make-up artist, beauty expert and self-confidence coach, I’ve created a unique process that is transforming women across the globe.


I remember facing struggles alone, not knowing how to make a lasting change or where to start. I felt scared, stuck and like I had to figure everything out myself.

And I don’t want you to feel that way for one moment longer!

You deserve to feel lifted up, empowered, and guided toward the health, happiness, and the beauty you crave.

I want you to see beauty when you look in the mirror.


I want you to believe in the beauty of your own story.


I want you to be beautiful, but more importantly, I want you to feel beautiful.

It’s time to invest in your soul, love who you are and how you look.


Michelle's Personal Story

Hi, I’m Michelle Phillips.


And, I’m passionate about you.


My goal is to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible by showing you how to rediscover your innate beauty, become your most confident self, and claim the dreams you've put on hold for way too long.


Curious what I mean?


Picture yourself feeling completely and utterly free to be yourself. You know that inner critic who beats you up for not looking or being perfect? Well, she’d been dethroned by the self-loving, power woman within you who has been waiting to let loose. (Yep, that kind of oomph is in YOU.)  


You’re pursuing your goals and feel surrounded by love and support. You’re even excited to get out of bed each day.  


You actually like the person in the mirror now.


Hell, you might go as far as saying you kind of LOVE her.


And, she has a fiercely fulfilling life to boot.


Nope, this isn’t too good to be true. 


Stick with me because that’s where we’re headed.


Think of me as Dr. Phil meets What Not to Wear.


I’m part celebrity make up artist and beauty expert, part empowering life coach, and part motivational maven.


Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of women, from business leaders, major celebrities and CEOs to single moms, students, and teachers. Each has come to me when they’ve wanted to transform some aspect of themselves or their lives. Or both! 


Through my bestselling book, speaking tours, and many TV appearances, I’m on a mission to empower women all over the world to fall in love with themselves and create lives that make them truly smile.


As a life coach, I champion you to reclaim your dreams and passions and help you rediscover who you are on the inside. Then the celebrity make up artist and beauty expert in me works with you on how to reveal that uniquely radiant woman to the world.


Yep, it’s the full monty…the ultimate inner and outer wow. 


This inside-out approach is what makes my work unique.


Want the Nitty-Gritty Details?


Meet me circa 2006. I found myself at a self-improvement workshop as part of a story I was covering as a Beauty Reporter for CBS.


I stood there at the back of the room full of professional, go-getting women as the workshop leader asked us to answer one simple question…


“Who are you?”


Who? Me?


Well, I’m a make-up artist and Beauty Reporter, a wife and mom of three kids… which of course makes me a nurse, a cook, a chauffeur, a maid, a psychologist and any number of other unpaid professions in my house.


“No, no, no,” she said. “Not your roles. Who ARE you?”


Umm… I have no idea? Can you give me a hint?


I was stumped!


And so I did what we’d all do on such a dicey occasion. I grabbed my bag and made a beeline for safety… a.k.a. the bathroom.


What You See Isn’t Always Real

Taking a long look in the bathroom mirror, I thought to myself, “What the hell happened to me? I have no idea who I am anymore!”


From the outside looking in, my life seemed perfect, but it was really anything but.


I was in an unhappy marriage that wasn’t working, no matter how hard I tried.


I also had three amazing kids who were seriously overscheduled, and taking part in every activity known to man. We were almost at the point where we’d have to schedule in time to breath. 


Plus, we were overextended financially, and our house was so elaborately decorated it looked like HGTV threw up.


Still, I pretended I didn’t notice any of this.


Denial and I had become oh-so-comfortable pals
Can you relate?


But, there was no ignoring it anymore. I had to make some major changes, both for myself and for my kids.


It was time to ditch this exhausting façade of perfection in exchange for a true identity, and a chance at true happiness.


The Perfect Storm


As often happens in life, everything blew up at once. 


Shortly after making the difficult decision to leave my broken marriage, things got much worse. 


Due to the budget issues, my boss announced he had to cut my position as a full-time make up artist and beauty reporter for CBS.


NOO! But, I loved my job. 


In the next breath, he offered me a new job hosting a CBS morning talk show.


YAY! This is amazing! And, people on TV make lots of money, right?


Not quite… In reality, the salary was only a little more than an assistant manager on the night shift at your average fast food restaurant.




And so, every day I painted on a perfect face and fake smile, and I wished the viewers a cheerful “Good Morning” before running home to get back under the covers and cry.


Here I was once more, creating the illusion of a perfect life. Only this time, at least I wasn’t fooling myself.


With three kids to raise and no money, I had to apply for food stamps.


Yes, even in that desperate moment, I was worried about “how it would look.” I needed help, and I didn’t know where to turn or who to ask.


And then the Phone Rang

My saving grace came at a moment that was as uplifting as it was devastating.


My best friend Lori called. She had Stage IV cancer and had been given six months to live. And yet, she turned her tragedy into a challenge for me. Lori told me, in no uncertain terms, that while she might be dying I needed to live and not waste another day.


I hung up that afternoon and thought about her words.


What if I only had six months to live? Would any of what these struggles really matter?


The answer was a loud, resounding NO!


I had my health and family. And, I knew deep within that I also had the power to turn things around.


And so, I did. I committed to creating an authentically radiant life.


I’ll admit it. It wasn’t easy at first. But, with baby steps, I focused on the inner work I had to do to get there. Then came the outer transformation.


I also found a new passion: life coaching. And, I got my certification.


By combining my expertise in make up, beauty, and life coaching, I created my unique inside-out process and began working with women from all walks of life.


Of course, I’m not perfect. I don’t have all the answers. And, I make mistakes too!


But, my commitment to you is to give you the very best tools and support to help you create an authentically beautiful and fulfilling life, inside and out.


Notice I didn’t say “perfect life.”


Because perfectionism is so yesterday, don’t you think?   


I want you to not only look and feel amazing, but to BE amazing… in your own skin.

And that, my radiant friend, is what I   believe real beauty is all about.

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