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tv & media coaching

Delivering your message confidently on TV, Social Media, Podcasts, or Speaking Live on Stage is an essential business skill, and to succeed you must be perceived as knowledgeable, credible, and trustworthy.

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Create OmniPresence!

​(Be seen everywhere)


Talent, Appearance & Performance Coaching will propel  you to become a Leading Authority and Thought Leader in Your Industry.

Michelle’s experience here is invaluable having successfully worked her way up through every aspect of the media.


She started out behind the scenes as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist with networks such as; CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox, and worked her way into the spotlight as a national TV and Radio/Podcast Host, a highly sought after Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Social Media Influencer.


​As a seasoned TV host and expert, Michelle Phillips brings a dynamic and engaging presence to the screen, captivating audiences with her in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for beauty, health, and lifestyle topics. Whether Michelle is hosting a talk show, conducting interviews, or presenting informative segments, her goal is to educate, entertain, and inspire viewers. With a keen understanding of the audience's interests and needs, Michelle creates content that resonates, whether she’s discussing the latest beauty trends, sharing wellness tips, or showcasing innovative products. Michelle’s ability to host, coordinate, and script segments ensures that each show is informative, engaging, and entertaining, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Michelle knows every aspect of what it takes to:

  • confidently perform for the masses

  • become a Leading Authority in any industry

  • create massive Brand Awareness

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​Michelle's Mastermind Programs

and/or 1:1 Coaching Sessions

will teach you: 

  • ​How to Pitch Producers and Get Booked on TV

  • How to Create Your On-Camera Presentation

  • How to Look Polished and Professional on Camera

  • TV Presenting skills for in Studio Interviews as well as Live Zoom Interviews

  • How to Promote Products on TV

  • How to Get Sponsors

  • How to Capture Viewers attention and Drive them to Your Website, Products or Services

  • How to Create Content for Your Website and Social Media

  • How to Start a Podcast

  • How to Host a Podcast

  • How to Create a Speech/Presentation for Online or Live Speaking Engagements

  • How to Set up, Shoot, and Edit Your Own Content for Social, Website, or TV Media Tours.

  • Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

  • Overcome Your Fears of Being on Camera

  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Michelle feels one of the biggest components to success in life is support. Throughout her life she found that the guidance of a life coach and many media coaches was invaluable in living her dreams and achieving success. 


Michelle's greatest passion is to coach others, guiding them step by step, through her process to create unstoppable confidence, greater success, and most importantly a fulfilling life!  

​Michelle Phillips Client Testimonials


"Michelle Phillips directed and created marketing and promotional content for our company.  Michelle and her team were professional and highly competent regarding the quality and content throughout the entire process. I believe what sets Michelle apart from others is her ability to connect, creating a comfortable environment, and truly bringing out the essence of the brand’s message. The result is a high-quality message that expresses who we are as individuals and as a company. Her work truly captures and enhances who we are as a collection of aligned and committed people working together, making us as compelling as we intend to be!"
Debra Neil

CEO of Neill Corporation, the largest Aveda distributorship in the U.S., owner of SalonBiz software, and
the founder of Serious Business, an educational forum that draw more than 1,000 owners, managers
and stylists each year.

"Our company has had the privilege of working with Michelle Phillips professionally over the past few years, and we continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with her! She has been supportive, creative and organized in every aspect, helping us build our brand every step of the way. Whether it be ideas, production, planning or implementation she has proven to be organized and efficient with an excellent eye for details and we couldn’t recommend her more! She has been a huge asset to us and our team loves working with her."
Lindsey Burkett
Director of Marketing & Business Development

"I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle, she was instrumental in helping brainstorm, create and develop several promotional videos that highlight the services my practice provides. Michelle is naturally creative, a great listener, and in the work we did together, it never felt like work. It was very organic and genuine and her ability to understand and guide the process was efficient and professional.  She is inspirational in her approach, always expressing a natural smile and her professional experience is second to none, she has a great feel and an eye for how the settings and the light will translate into the editorial process. If you are looking to create content and be in the lead in the digital marketing space, I strongly recommend you talk to Michelle."
César A. Lara, M.D.

"Lifeline Skincare has been working with Michelle Phillips since 2014.  Michelle has been instrumental in working with our team to plan and implement a successful strategic marketing plan.  Michelle has assisted in developing our social media platform, create exceptional content for website and digital marketing purposes, developed educational materials for new and existing products for professional use, conducted media/PR outreach on behalf of our brand, as well as presented at events for our medical spa clientele.  In addition, Michelle successfully conducted meetings with the beauty buyers of a Shopping Television Network which resulted in an invitation to sell our products on their network.  Michelle continues to rise to any occasion necessary to assist our team in achieving company goals and increase brand awareness.  She is an inspiring individual who pays attention to detail and takes pride in producing the highest level of quality in everything she does."
Mary Kovacs
National Sales Director, Lifeline Skincare

"We were honored to have Michelle Phillips as our keynote speaker at Face & Body. Michelle did a tremendous job, and I her message of positivity truly resonates not only with the beauty industry but with women in general. We thank her so much for delivering such a powerful message to our audience. Face & Body would love to have Michelle back as a speaker! Michelle would make a tremendous impact on the ISPA community, and also at the Cosmetic Executive Women meeting."
Katie Anderson 

Managing Editor, Skin Inc.
Conference Program Coordinator
Face & Body Midwest, Face & Body Northern California


Michelle's Coaching Client's Testimonials:


"I’ve been in two of Michelle’s coaching mastermind groups and have been inspired and motivated. She has helped me uncover blockages holding me from my true desires. I learned how to  let go of feeling discouraged, despondent, and be self-confident. I learned to value myself!"




"Michelle’s support and guidance have been invaluable. Her process helped me identify and bring to the forefront the intentions and goals I desired in my life that I had shoved in the background for years. This has definitely been a life changer!!"




"Michelle’s coaching offers her life-altering process to women everywhere who want to connect and create greater success and a better life. Freedom is calling. A life you love is waiting and Michelle is the woman who can guide you to it. How do I know? Because that’s what she's doing for me! "




"I am a Deaf woman who has come a long way since working with Michelle Phillips. Because of her, I started wearing better clothing, took better care of myself, and decided to go for my dreams despite my handicap. I have never met anyone quite as warm, genuine, and beautiful as Michelle.”




"I was feeling stuck and procrastinating in many areas of my life. Michelle gently nudged me to take action, which lead me to assess where I am, clarify my goals, and take concrete action has moved me forward in creating a life I love."


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