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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert & Transformation Coach

Helping women become self-confident, empowered,

and ultimately more beautiful!

Unstoppable Confidence

Beauty Redefined


Michelle Phillips

Michelle feels one of the biggest components to success in life is support. Throughout her life she found that the guidance of a life coach was invaluable in living her dreams and so she became a life coach to help others live theirs.

Transition Coaching

Ideal if you are going through any of life’s major changes such as; divorce, job loss, financial struggles, or just looking for what’s next in your life. To support you during this time of change, Michelle combines Life Coaching with her experiences working with some of the world’s most successful people.


Her process provides a personalized path to:

  • Overcome fears and obstacles

  • Rebuild Self-confidence

  • Rediscover your dreams, passions, and goals, and what you want most out of life

  • Find the resources to support the change you want

  • Create an image that is in alignment with the new you


Private Coaching Sessions click here to make an appointment with Michelle




Executive Level Coaching for Women

The female high performers and movers and shakers of the world are faced with an entirely different set of challenges; moving up the ladder while juggling family and a sense of purpose. Here Michelle personally coaches women to move forward through their professional and personal lives with increasing ease.

In Michelle’s private sessions she covers areas such as;


  • Create clarity and focus

  • Reclaim passion and purpose, personally and professionally

  • Enhance your natural skills to power and persuasion

  • Strengthen ability to overcome challenge and conquer change

  • Create an image that is in alignment with your goals


Private Coaching Sessions click here to make an appointment with Michelle



Corporate Image Coaching

In an increasingly competitive world, personal and professional image are becoming progressively more important.  In addition, it is widely accepted that inner strength and confidence are an integral part of that successful image. Michelle has worked with everyone from presidents of Fortune 500 companies to the Vice President of the US, supermodels to role models, to prepare them for some the biggest moments in their careers.


Private Coaching Sessions click here to make an appointment with Michelle




One-on-One & Group Coaching

  • Inspires employees to greater productivity through personal pride and purpose

  • Provides a process to build the strengths and talents within each individual that lead to greater success

  • Teaches the values and skills for a polished, professional image that boost self-esteem

  • Identifies company’s mission statement and core values, instructing employees how to project that inside and out


Private Coaching Sessions click here to make an appointment with Michelle


Group Coaching click here to contact Michelle for group rates and booking




Talent, Appearance & Performance Coaching

Delivering a message confidently on TV or radio is an essential business skill, and to succeed you must be perceived as knowledgeable, credible, and trustworthy. Michelle’s experience here is invaluable having successfully worked her way up through every aspect of the media. She started out behind the scenes as a celebrity makeup artist and stylist with networks such as; CBS, NBC, CNN, and Fox, and worked her way into the spotlight as a national TV and Radio Host on National Programs. She knows every aspect of what it takes to confidently perform for the masses.


Important areas covered:

  • Present a polished, professional image on camera

  • Producing and presenting skills

  • Tips on how to get noticed by producers to spread your message on TV and Radio


Private Coaching Sessions click here to make an appointment with Michelle

Download worksheet here:

Michelle's Coaching Client's Testimonials:


I’ve been in two of Michelle’s coaching circles and have been inspired and motivated. She has helped me uncover blockages holding me from my true desires. I learned how to be happy with myself again and let go of feeling discouraged and despondent. I learned to value myself!




"Michelle’s support and guidance have been invaluable. Her process helped me identify and bring to the forefront the intentions and goals I desired in my life that I had shoved in the background for years. This has definitely been a life changer!!"




Michelle’s coaching circle offers her life-altering process to women everywhere who want to connect and create a better life. Freedom is calling. A life you love is waiting and Michelle is the woman who can guide you to it. How do I know? Because that’s what she's doing for me! See you in the circle!




"I am a Deaf woman who has come a long way since working with Michelle Phillips. Because of her, I started wearing better clothing, took better care of myself, and decided to go for my dreams despite my handicap. I have never met anyone quite as warm, genuine, and beautiful as Michelle.”




I was feeling stuck and procrastinating in many areas of my life. Michelle gently nudged me to take action, which lead me to assess where I am, clarify my goals, and take concrete action has moved me forward in creating a life I love.


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