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Visualize Yourself as Fearless

Do you recall a time when you were faced with something you thought was way too difficult to overcome?

Maybe it was a terrible break up, divorce, heartbreak?

Maybe it was losing a job and you feared you wouldn't be able to financially take care of yourself or your family?

Maybe it was the diagnosis of an illness?


I've been there.  I get it.  Each time, I have wanted to literally crawl under the covers and I feared I just couldn't and wouldn't make it through.

Looking back, I realize I always found the strength and courage to pull myself out from that black hole of fear to see the light again.

In order to find the strength and courage needed to turn things around, I just need a healthy reminder of what I am capable of.  


When challenges come up for me, I like to sit in a quiet place and do the following...

Write down the difficult times that I have faced in the past. The challenges I felt I would never be able to get through.

Next, I write down what it took to overcome those challenges. I am very specific while writing down how I I overcame the challenges I was faced with.  What qualities within me did I use to get through? 

Was it strength, courage, self-care, creativity, focus, perseverance?   Did I accept help from others? 

Even more important, did I reach out for help?

I continually expand on what qualities within me I drew from to overcome the difficult situation I was in.

My last step is to write down what I am currently being challenged with.

Then I ask myself the following question... How can I draw from the same qualities to overcome what I am going through now?

All of us have overcome some very very difficult situations. We just don't give ourselves enough credit and recognize our strengths and abilities to make it through.


Take some time for yourself to sit and reflect on how strong and capable you are.

When you identify your fears and your capabilities to move toward them, they grow smaller and more manageable.

As your fears grow smaller, your confidence grows.  Soon, your fears will lose control over you.

It's important to remind yourself that you are strong and have everything you need inside of you to protect you in this life.

Don't forget to reach out for support! All of us have people in our lives who are willing to help out in difficult times. We just have to ask! 

If you are going through a challenging time, please remember...

You have what it takes to overcome!

With love and gratitude,


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