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Shine Your” Million Dollar” Light


One of the things I say all the time about beauty is that if you feel amazing you look amazing .. and one of the most important facets to feeling beautiful is your self-worth. If you’ve ever heard or used the phrase, “She looks like a million bucks”…that is a value…and a worth…and more than likely goes way deeper than someone who is wearing a million dollars worth of clothes and jewelry but rather someone who holds their head up high and radiates a million dollar light.

But what can keep us from looking…and living that way? What can take our self-worth away…the simple answer is ourselves! It is called SELF-worth… and SELF-esteem for a reason. Like most things in our lives- having and living that personal value can be easier said than done.

For me the challenges with my self-worth have come when I have based it on the opinions of others. In the past I put too much emphasis on living according to the way my husband, family, or friends said I should ….rather than in the ways that were in alignment with my dreams, goals, and values. There were times in my life I was paralyzed by simple decisions…before I could do anything I had to take a survey or a poll of everyone I knew- so my choice would be “acceptable” to the majority of the people in my life.

I felt like this was what I had to do to be loved…and valued. I spent an unreal amount of energy like that to be accepted. I tried to be perfect for everyone around me. I tried to build a perfect marriage,create perfectly overscheduled kids and a perfectly decorated house. Of course, no one around me appreciated it the way I thought they would because it wasn’t their goal. They definitely didn’t appreciate a stressed out me from running myself ragged. If you’ve been there, you know the next step is resentment… “I did all this for YOU people!…and this is the thanks I get!” ???  Change?

And then you continue on the cycle of self-doubt, thinking “No one values what I do or who I am” and your worth and purpose are gone…

It’s time to break the cycle…and start loving YOU, building self-worth, personal value, and BEAUTY… from within.

Before we can head in a new direction, it helps to figure out where we are. You can start by asking yourself a few simple questions:

–         Where do you think you are giving away your self-worth?

–         Is there someone in your life you are giving the power away to? And how can you get it back and keep it for yourself?

–         What in your life isn’t in alignment with your goals and values and is taking away from your self-worth?

Remember: “If your outer world reflects your inner self, you are in alignment and living a beautiful life!” 


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