My New Beauty Obsession

I love working in the beauty industry and feel blessed to have built an amazing career helping others improve how they look.  However....when I work with clients or share my advice on TV or Social Media, I know that I can provide all the tips, tricks, and tools to look great, but if you don't feel great about who you are, none of it matters. 

When I started working in this industry, I have to admit, I had quite the obsession with outer beauty myself.  Only my obsession was really a cover up, a mask to hide my low self-esteem.  My feelings of not good enough.

That cover up (or what I like to refer to as a "facade") couldn't hold up forever.  At some point the mask had to crack.  

For me, everything shattered when I hit rock bottom after a string of abusive relationships.  Yep, I kept picking the same man over and over.

You see, you attract who you are ...  

The men I chose to be with in relationships treated me no different than how I treated myself.  For many years, I struggled with feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, the list went on and on.  I was an insecure woman who constantly beat myself up with my awful negative self-talk.

Interestingly enough, while struggling with low self esteem, I became a successful life coach teaching others how to achieve their goals and achieved a successful beauty and TV career.

I had all the confidence in the world when it came to my professional life, yet had yet to figure out how to fix the crap I had going on internally that still kept me in this pattern of self-doubt and lack of self-love.  This belief system kept me in a toxic relationship pattern with others, and most importantly, with myself.  

Eventually, I realized the only way to change this pattern was to do the work to change me.  

In working with my master coach/mentor, I learned a powerful process that empowered me to let go of the "lack of" mentality and create a new pattern of beliefs which ultimately transformed my life in ways I never thought possible.   

I also realized that a lot of my negative beliefs stemmed from my childhood.  In working on turning those beliefs around and healing childhood wounds,  I couldn't believe how much of the negative self-talk just vanished!  

This powerful process transformed my life.  I found me.  I love me.  I don't need someone else's approval to feel enough. I don't need someone to tell me they love me to feel as if I am lovable, worthy, accepted, and special. And never again will I accept any kind of abuse.  Ever.  

The most beautiful part is when I finally transformed my feelings of lack into love, I  attracted a wonderful, kind, loving man who mirrors back to me the kindness and unconditional love I created for myself.   I am talking about my incredible husband, Rick.

I guess you can say my new beauty obsession is LOVE and that's the kind of beauty I want to teach from here out.  

So, after taking five years off from my coaching to enjoy this amazing life I've created,  it's time to share the process I used to transform my life. 

I am super excited to share my process and support you in transforming your life, to find true love and the happiness you desire.

When we find true love for ourselves, rather than outwardly seeking it...our lives change. We transform.  We finally find peace within, true happiness, and create amazing relationships with others.   

This I know for sure...

The love you've desired your whole life is there waiting for you!  It's up to you to make it happen.

With love and gratitude,


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