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Holy Moly...Big Changes Happening in My Life!

Holy Moly...Change! BIG Change is happening in my life.

A few months ago, my husband was working on a huge project at work. A project that was exciting yet extremely stressful. The stress was so consuming that he started having heart issues.

Next thing you know, he had to be hooked up to a heart monitor, next an EKG, and then had a CT Scan to make sure he didn't have blockage or some other issue that could cause a heart attack or stroke.

Soon after that, he started having lower back pain which kept him from being able to get up and walk across the room without being completely hunched over.

After years of working with Louise Hay, I know our emotions manifest in our bodies. Stress can wreak havoc in so many ways...

Just before my husband's "project" was completed, we decided to getaway to our beach vacation rental property that we purchased last year. Normally, it's rented.  Thankfully, it was vacant for a couple weeks. 

Every night after work, we'd take long walks along the beach during sunset ...which put us in such a wonderful state of peace. After our walk, we'd sit in our beach chairs and just listen sound of the waves. 

Before we knew it, Rick's heart and back issues went away.  Soon after, his Doctor called and said Rick's tests came back showing his heart is perfectly healthy!

That's when we decided to make a BIG change.

Our long-term plan was to move to the beach when we retire. It's been a life-long dream for me and definitely what Rick has wanted since he moved to Florida.

Plot twist...Screw waiting! We decided to move to the beach!

Mental and physical health is more important.

We listed our house and it sold in two days!  Yes, two days!

Hours after we accepted the offer on our house, I found myself lying in bed thinking... OMG! This is real! Are we are really doing this??

Be careful what you wish for!  It just may happen...and FAST!

In order to be able to afford a place on the ocean, we would have to downsize considerably. 

My mind was in Holy Shit Mode!

How are we going to purge our 3300 square foot house so we can fit in a two bedroom condo with no garage or storage?

Then I decided to practice what Louise Hay used to have me do when I started to become fearful...

I put one hand on my heart and one hand on my lower tummy

Took slow, deep breaths (in and holding your breath).

I said to myself over and over (until I believed it), "Life loves you. All is well. Everything is working out for your highest good."

Last step...I let go and decided to trust in my higher power.... 

Fast forward a few weeks...

We found the perfect two bedroom condo smack dab on the beach to call our forever home.  Yep, we are on the first floor, walk out on to the sand and face the Ocean!

We have moved out of our big house and on to the beach!  I purged a lot of "stuff" which felt great (another blog for another time)

Dreams DO come true... yet sometimes in the process... a little fear, panic, and self doubt can settle in along the way.

Is there something you want so deeply, yet the idea of your dream coming true scares the hell out of you?

Maybe you are in the midst of experiencing change now?

Just know..Life loves you. Trust.  You got this!

We've got this!

I've got you!

Change. We can fight it or we can embrace it.

Sending you BIG LOVE!


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