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Can 1 person really make change? I say YES!

By Lauren Galley


My generation is extremely narcissistic. Social Media blasts daily with “Look how great I am.”  “Look what I have.” and “Look who I’m with.” Don’t get me wrong, I believe in celebrating our accomplishments and being proud of who we are but teens today are obsessed with materialistic items, brands, and going to crazy extremes of looking perfect. We enable the media to shape us in such a way that leaves little room for development through individuality.  Helping others is not in our sequence of daily life. It takes effort and consideration as you hurry about your routine which is of course, all about YOU!

Take a little time from your day to share positive words and wisdom with someone. You will be surprised how such a small effort can make a difference. It’s the best kind of “contagious” to travel throughout the world. You are 1 person and YES, you can change the world. Go ahead, try it. Pay it forward…..

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