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Beauty Meditations

Women longing for inner and outer beauty are invited on a personal devotional journey with author and speaker Ginger Garrett who offers expertise, encouragement, and biblical guidance. Readers will gather life-changing insights alongside practical ways to nurture their spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Meaningful meditations and compelling prayers that speak directly to what women are experiencing will gently guide readers to discover how:

  1. beauty and radiance begin in the soul

  2. joy, laughter, and friendships restore a youthful glow

  3. simple steps lead them to reflect the beauty God sees in them

  4. inner and outer transformation happens when shame and secrets are released

  5. kindness to themselves and others starts the journey to loveliness

Readers will enjoy and benefit from Ginger’s vulnerability and expertise as they explore the unique relationship between worshiping our Creator and caring for ourselves.  To order a copy click here

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