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Are You Spinning or Twirling?

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year!  Spending precious time with friends and family, reflecting on what I am grateful for, and time to put up the Christmas tree! It’s also the time of year when I can easily begin to feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  With all that I already have on my plate, add the Holiday hustle bustle and my schedule can go from busy to out of whack in a flash! However, I have learned three very important and simple ways to keep from getting stressed out and overwhelmed during the Holidays.

I have shared these simple steps with my coaching clients and of course, my dear friends through the years….and trust me, these 3 steps are game changers!

1. Drop the “Superwoman” cape! 

In the past, I’d frequently find myself waking up each morning and attempting to tackle everything that is in front of me such as keeping up with emails, text messages, social media, much less writing, speaking, appearing on TV, and most importantly, being present and supportive for my family.

By the time I got through the end of the day, (did you catch the phrase “got through”?) I was exhausted, depleted, and struggled to sleep.  Why? All the things I didn’t get to that day which were creating anxiety.

Here’s what I do now:

I create a to-do list each morning, or sometime each night before I go to bed so the to-do’s don’t keep me up at night.  When creating a list, I draw a line down the center of the page.  Then on the left side of the paper I write down everything I think I have to do and then on the right side of the page I write what I really don’t have to do.

Next step, I delegate. Yep!  You read it right, ask for help!  What a concept, right?

Most women find this a very difficult thing to do.  Try it!  Watch how your life becomes a lot less stressful!  AND…BONUS…people WANT TO HELP!

2. Learn to Say NO.

Repeat after me, NOOOOOOOO!   This is a biggie for me!   I have so many wonderful people in my life and clients who I always want to help out. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to put myself on the back burner which leads to what?  Exhaustion and resentment!

Saying no is actually a gift we give ourselves and others.  I have realized that when I turn down extra work, or a night out when I really should rest, it is the best form of self-respect and self-love.

No one wants to be around you if you’re cranky and pooped…and if you try to cover it up. People still feel it in your energy.  What can you say no to on a daily basis?

3. Listen to your Gut!

Your intuition is that feeling or little voice talking to you saying, “I don’t feel good about this, something isn’t quite right here yet I just can’t pin point it.”  The good news is you don’t have to pin point it.  Listen to it.  Your intuition or “gut feeling” is always right. Step away and figure out what is right for you, then head in that direction.

While that might be something we all know, what most people don’t tell you in the self-help world is that no matter how much you live your purpose and think positive you are not immune to chaos, stress, and difficult times.  However, having the tools and awareness when you do face challenges are the keys to overcoming it quickly and getting back on track.

Several years ago, I was a single mom and often times felt as if I was spinning out of control. A dear friend wrote me a note to let me know that she was there for me and to ask for help when I needed it.  She also encouraged me to trust my gut and that it was okay to say no.

This is what her precious note said that has stuck with me ever since…

“Spinning and twirling are two different things.  When you find yourself spinning….just twirl, twirl, twirl, to the melody of your soul then stop and sit in that space…. because you my dear are a beautiful creative creature and capable of everything you desire.  I am here for you, I love you.”

This Holiday Season, if you find yourself spinning… learn to twirl instead.

I am here for you, I am grateful for you, and I love you….

Happy Thanksgiving, Michelle

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