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How to Build and Unshakeable Foundation

As a professional makeup artist who has worked in the entertainment industry for a very long time (20+ years), I've had countless celebrities sit in my makeup chair and share their insecurities, the fears they face, and how often self-doubt creeps in.

Listening to their stories made me realize that they are real people with the same issues we all face... yet they had to step out in front of a camera despite it all.

About 12 years ago, I was asked to step in front of the camera at a TV station I was working for in Tampa. It was terrifying! I would literally throw up before every live-shot. I had no idea what I was doing, but our news director insisted that if I would just be "myself" and share my knowledge, the viewers would love me!

He was right, I began to build a following. I am now hooked on helping women transform their lives, as well as their appearance, with the stories I continue to share on TV.

However, the journey to get to where I am today was not easy. Throughout the years, I have been a TV host, a radio show host, birthed a book, and became a speaker. With each new opportunity I was scared as hell! I mean terrified!

Not only was I nervous about putting myself out there...I was scared I would fail. Look like an idiot. Basically Suck! Sometimes I did suck and I had to keep going, keep learning, and keep digging deep to get better.

I've had people in the business tell me things like my voice was annoying, I look like a soccer mom, or I was too old.

I've had family members say "who do you think you are?". You don't have what it takes to be on TV, write a book, blah blah blah....

And then there was the worst critic of all. Myself! I would beat myself up with such negative self-talk! It was horrible!

There were so many, and I mean MANY, days that I wanted to quit and go back to being behind the scenes. It would have been so much easier.


Easy isn't living.

Easy isn't growing.

Easy doesn't make my heart race with excitement or jump for joy when I've helped someone's life change for the better.

What have I learned during this process?

Follow your heart because it's always your truth... meaning you know deep in your heart the best path for YOU. Trust it.

Turn your Fears into Fuel. We all have fears, especially when we are in unfamiliar territory. Use your fears as your fuel to help you learn, grow, and accomplish whatever your heart desires.

Believe in Yourself. Many people will offer their opinion, maybe even tell you why they believe you're not capable. Probably the person who will tell you most often, is yourself! Turn your negative self-talk into positive. Focus on your strengths, talents, and what you CAN DO!

Rejection can either stop you dead in your tracks or you can use it as motivation. I choose motivation.

I Love Lady Gaga's quote below...

As I watched the Oscars earlier this week, it was wonderful to hear A-list celebrities share their stories of fear, self-doubt, and what it took to persevere no matter what obstacles were in their paths.

The more transparent we can all be about our struggles and fears, the more we will come to understand that we are all the same! AND…we can ALL succeed in achieving anything we want in life if we dig deep to find the courage, strength, and know we are worth all it takes!

Recently, I was the keynote speaker for the Crunchi Cosmetics Beauty Advocate Retreat. After the retreat was over, they asked me to conduct a FB live video for their private group page. I shared a few tips on how to build self-confidence.

I have to admit, I was nervous because it was my first time ever on FB Live! Another chance to turn my fear into fuel to learn something new.

I share this video (which is edited to include the highlights) in hopes that it inspires you to dig deep to find the courage, strength and self-confidence to make your dreams come true! If you feel a close friend may benefit from the video, please feel free to share this video.

That my friends, is true beauty!

Do you struggle with self-doubt? When those fears creep in or the negative self-talk begins...what do you do to over come it? I'd love to know! Please share below.

If you'd like to join my private FB Group for support in improving how you feel and how you look click here

With love and gratitude,


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