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Fresh Fall Beauty Tips | Michelle Phillips Beauty

Ready to ditch the melting mascara and smearing makeup? It's time to switch it up and move on to a fresh Fall look.

Fall is my favorite time of year, not just for the fashion...I love the look of bold lips, dramatic eyes, and neutral shades! Here are a few things to think about when creating your fresh Fall look!

1. Hydrate and brighten your skin!

With the summer months comes warmth, sunshine, and tan skin! This means that the foundation you wore all year probably doesn’t match your skin tone anymore. So, it’s time to head over to find your perfect match!

I like to have two foundation colors on had so I can blend the perfect match depending on the level of sun you are exposed to. It’s also time to think about rehydrating your skin after months of being out in the sun and possibly damaging your skin. Try a tinted moisturizer so you have sun protection as well as lightweight coverage.

2. Add pinch of red, a touch of mauve, or a soft brown cheek color

You’ve probably been rocking soft pink tones on your cheeks all summer long, which provided a stunning glow. As we transition into fall, however, it’s time to break out the warmer tones as well as a little touch of red or mauve.! These tones will give off the perfect autumn vibes.

3. Smokey Shades for Eyes

Similar to your blush tones, it’s time to make the eyeshadow switch, as well. Instead of those bright, vibrant summer colors, start thinking about neutrals and browns. These looks are simple, yet so stunning! Not to mention, they go with nearly any outfit, so you’ll never have to worry about color coordinating.

4. Bold and Beautiful Lips

Lips are one of the most crucial aspects of your transition from summer to fall makeup, because they make such a statement. While your summer lip shades were vibrant and fun, you can have just as much fun with some darker fall shades! When switching to deeper autumnal tones, definitely don’t be afraid to go bold.

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