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Then I'll Be Happy?

It feels as if lately I am hearing a lot people say, "when I lose weight, find the right guy, or get a better job” …then I’ll be happy. For so many of us there is a little voice inside that makes us think having what someone else has, or what we don’t have, will make our lives better.

We look at the people around us – friends, colleagues, even celebrities – and think that if we could just have a perfect partner like they do, perfect job, maybe even perfect bodies... we could finally be happy.

But what is “perfect”? Are the people who appear to have it all, happy? Will we be, if we we get it?

Comparing ourselves to others is totally natural and it is also completely normal to want to be better or improve ourselves.

However, chasing perfection definitely won’t give you a fair chance at feeling good about being you.

Not to mention that perfection is unattainable and striving for it will only leave you disappointed – so stop!

As a Celebrity Makeup Artist and a Life Coach, I can always tell when working with my clients what was going on in his/her life. I can tell a wide variety of things from their skin, eyes, smile, the way they stand, speak, and the way they take care of themselves.

It’s simple – if you don’t feel good about yourself and your life, it manifests in your image and you have to admit, you are all fully aware of it when you look in the mirror.

Unfortunately, the growing trend is people trying to cover up what is going on inside by getting work done on the outside. Don't get me wrong, outer beauty is cool and there are a lot of things we can do to improve our outward appearance...

I share a lot of information about these topics so that you can make educated decisions in improving your health and appearance.

However, what I don't like is that our “quick-fix” society is turning to extremes to look better rather than doing the inner emotional work that creates lasting “beauty” in our lives.

I see it all the time, I have had clients that feel that once they got “work” done, they would finally find the level of perfect happiness they were searching for. Thankfully, by coaching patients towards a holistic transformation instead of yet another let down from searching outside of themselves, they found the happiness they were searching for…internally.

As a result, they lose weight and began to look better and they take less drastic steps to improve their outer appearance because they find their bliss within.

Rather than dealing with symptoms, let’s go a little deeper and try to figure out what is creating the feelings of inadequacy that are driving us.

All of us want to look good, feel good, have a great life. I am in total agreement with looking good on the outside, but to achieve that I recommend starting with a different approach.

• Find gratitude for what you have- What if your life abruptly changed tomorrow and you lost everything? How badly would you want to have your life back the way it is today? Start a gratitude journal. Write down what you are grateful for and take time to make note of the beauty in your life each day.

• Start being happy today- If you are constantly thinking about tomorrow, you never have a chance to enjoy today. Where can you create your happy moments for now? Take time to smell the roses.

• Make sure your life is your own- Are your decisions and goals your own? When we live the way we think we should instead of the way we could, we grow resentful. What could you do and where in life could you live more authentically?

• Stop comparing yourself- What if you were the trendsetter of your own life? Would you feel less pressure? Worry? Doubt? It’s okay to hold yourself to a higher standard as long as it’s yours.

The bottom line is that it is okay to strive and grow and to want more as long as you enjoy the ride.

Check in with your goals to make sure they are yours and remain grateful every step of the way.

When you do, an authentic power and beauty will be yours to radiate!



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