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How to Have Healthy Weight for Life

Hello My Beauties,

Its that time of the year again, picnics, parties and sunny weather. Which means, you guessed it, the dreaded bathing suite season!

It looms over all of us, like a dark ominous cloud, but not to fret! Because this week I investigate how to shed those pesky pounds - the right way! All you need is the right mindset and the power of visualization.

I sat down with Dr. Lara, a renowned weight loss and obesity doctor who shared with us some great tips we can all use in our weight loss journey. He suggests looking at releasing those pounds from a philosophical view, and how the power of visualization and mantra’s can be a key player in our goal to the ideal weight. Sure, you might be saying to yourselves,

“Yes Michelle, I do that every time I put on my skinny jeans … “think skinny, think skinny, think Skinny!”

Good news, you may be off to the right start as the power of thought can be profound in your weight loss success.

Dr. Lara suggest the importance of truly asking yourself what your goals are, and using visualization to your advantage. Also keeping in mind that our goal is not to lose weight, but to release it. If you lose something, your mind subconsciously might find it again- and nobody wants to find the pounds that they have worked so hard to lose. In fact, a recent statistic shows that 85% percent of all dieters will gain back their weight lost in less then a year.

This statistic can be discouraging, but finding a health weight for life is what it is all about, as well as loving yourself through the journey. This week I challenge you to find your own mantra that works for you, and remember that beauty starts from the inside.

I’d love to hear from you!

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