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Boost Your Mood and Improve Your Energy!

Hello My Beauties,

Have you ever questioned why as we get older, our energy and focus diminishes? Well I know I have, and I have learned that it might not be just our age, but more so our hormones.

The stresses of life can take their toll; trust me- I get it! But if you’re feeling depressed, lethargic, irritable and can’t seem to shake the funk, your hormones might just be the culprit to your mystery.

Recently I read that that one in 10 people in the U.S take anti- depressants, and an even more alarming statistic is that one and six women between ages 40 and 50 do as well. The truth is, many of these woman and even men may just need their hormone levels checked.

This week I investigate Bioidentical Hormones using Pellet Therapy. You might be thinking to yourself… what the heck is that?!

This technique is a form of anti-aging medicine, that claims to not only aid in helping you build collagen, and even lose that notorious belly bulge, it also claims to help protect the heart, mental health, and cognitive function.

This video is just the beginning of an open conversation I want to open up with you about bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Does it interest you? Scare you? Confuse you? Or have you had BIHRT?

In the weeks to come, I will be interviewing other Doctors who share different applications, information and insight about the benefits and risks associated with BIHRT. So stay tuned- and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page because there’s a lot more info coming on this topic that you don’t want to miss!

Feeling good on the inside is the first step in our journey to finding that balance of what beauty is. If you feel good, you look good, and who doesn’t want that!

With love and gratitude,


Thanks for watching!

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