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This week's featured product is the Hydroxatone Active Infusion Moisture Mask.

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Now more than ever, we are overwhelmed with images of what the media views as beauty. This episode of "The Beauty Investigator" empowers women to break free from the crushing pressures in our media driven culture. As a mom of daughters, I want to encourage my girls, and you, to find the right balance. That is not to say that striving for beauty is negative, but I want to support you in finding a happy medium, as well as educate you about the right products that benefit you, and your wallet! This week on "The Beauty Investigator" I introduce you to my mother and daughters...we discuss our perspective of beauty from three different generational view points. Mothers are our first female role models, they set the precedent of what we perceive as beautiful, which is why leading by example is so imperative.

It's also important to take time out for ourselves to relax and recharge. Which is why we are excited to announce we have an exciting opportunity for the Beauty Investigator in YOU. We are GIVING AWAY Moisturizing Beauty Masks to 10 Lucky Viewers! Masks are the hottest craze in beauty right now, and we are giving away Hydrologic Active Infusion Moisture Mask by Hydroxatone. 10 lucky winners will get the chance to try out the mask and tell us what YOU think… Did your skin feel luminous? YOU tell us! Enter to win! Just share this video on your FB or Twitter. We will announce the winners this Sunday, Mother's Day, on YouTube and on my FB Page @MichellePhillipsBeauty, and Instagram @MichellePhillipsBeauty! For more info on the Hydroxatone Active Infusion Moisture Mask click here

Thanks so much for reading, watching, and sharing! With all my love and eternal gratitude, Michelle

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