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Celebrity Beauty, Wellness, and Self-Confidence Coach 

Helping women become self-confident, empowered,

and ultimately more beautiful!

Unstoppable Confidence

Beauty Redefined


Michelle Phillips

Hi, I’m Michelle Phillips.


And, I’m passionate about you!


My goal is to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible by showing you how to rediscover your innate beauty, become your most confident self, and claim the dreams you've put on hold for way too long.


Curious what I mean?


Picture yourself feeling completely and utterly free to be yourself. You know that inner critic who beats you up for not looking or being perfect? Well, she’d been dethroned by the self-loving, power woman within you who has been waiting to let loose. (Yep, that kind of oomph is in YOU.)  


You’re taking the steps to take better care of yourself, you have more energy,  you are pursuing your goals and feel surrounded by love and support. You’re even excited to get out of bed each day.  


You actually like the person in the mirror now.


Hell, you might go as far as saying you kind of LOVE her.


And, she has a fiercely fulfilling life to boot.


Nope, this isn’t too good to be true. 


Stick with me because that’s where we’re headed.

I’m part celebrity make up artist and beauty expert, part empowering self-confidence life coach, and part motivational wellness maven.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of women, from business leaders, major celebrities and CEOs to single moms, students, and teachers. Each has come to me when they’ve wanted to transform some aspect of themselves or their lives. Or both! 


Through my bestselling book, speaking tours, and many TV appearances, I’m on a mission to empower women all over the world to fall in love with their lives, how they look and create lives that are fulfilling.


Yep, it’s the full monty…the ultimate inner and outer wow. 


This inside-out approach is what makes my work unique.

By combining my expertise in make up artistry, beauty, wellness, and life coaching, I created my unique inside-out process and began working with women from all walks of life.


My commitment to you is to give you the very best tools and support to help you create an authentically beautiful and fulfilling life, inside and out.


Notice I didn’t say “perfect life.”


Because perfectionism is so yesterday, don’t you think?   


I want you to not only look and feel amazing, but to BE amazing.


And that, my radiant friend, is what I believe real beauty is all about.


Let’s chat! 
There’s nothing I’d love more than connecting with you. I’m on Facebook and Instagram, daily, sharing all sorts of fiercely amazing insights and beauty secrets.


And, of course, I’d love your ideas, feedback and questions. PLEASE contact me here.


With love and gratitude,

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