Learn How to Radically Transform Your Life!

Reveal Your True Beauty, Radiate Self-Confidence and

Attract the Love & Life You Desire

Join me, for just 6 weeks, and you’ll rebuild your self-confidence, 

learn how to create thriving relationships, vibrant health,

and the financial security you have long desired!

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Drop the Disillusionment of Perfection

Break free from the pressures to look and act a certain way, stop comparing yourself to others, and end the cycle of striving for perfection and people pleasing behaviors that lead to burnout, bitchiness, and bad decisions. 

Beauty isn’t a size, a specific look or a certain age. Beauty is an attitude.

Learn to love and accept yourself and the aging process.  You may even lose weight effortlessly because you will start to love who you already are and begin to live a healthier lifestyle, feel more self-confident, and feel courageously bold in pursuing your dreams. 

Trust Yourself, Follow Your Heart, and Find Clarity

Learn to trust yourself, identify the sources of friction in your life, and hone-in on what you truly want. The end result… clarity.  As you gain clarity and listen to your own heart, you are less likely to get derailed in self-defeating beliefs and behaviors.

Discover and Uncover your True Desires, Passions and Purpose

Dreaming is a life skill. Learn how to create new dreams based on what you truly want, without limitations. Once you get a glimpse of what your life can become, you know exactly what you want which will change the decisions you make every day!

Revitalize and Restore Radiant Energy

Once you begin the process of creating your new life, the nay-sayers may start to show up and try to de-rail you.  You will release yourself from the negative people in your life, speak up for yourself, and take care of YOU, first.  

Boot Fears and Self-Doubts & Boost Your Self-Confidence

Fear is real and it’s normal.  Learn how to navigate through the fear, excuses, and resistance that can arise as change occurs. I’ll show how to boost self-confidence in a way that turns your fear into fuel and lights the fire you need to take inspired action. Every. Single. Day.

Personalized Action Plan to Obtain the Life of Your Dreams

You’ll learn how to take empowered action that aligns with your new vision.  I’ll share a process that will support you in creating a plan that is manageable, obtainable and actually sets you on the path to having the love and the life you desire!

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Hi, I'm Michelle Phillips

I am proof this process works – not only has it worked for me, but it works for the hundreds of women I’ve coached over the past two decades.

It all started back in 2006.  

I was working as a top celebrity make-up artist working in TV, film, and big fashion magazines.  My job was to create the illusion of perfection for the camera.  Like so many other women, I automatically strived for that same perfection in my personal life.


However, my life was far from perfect.


On the outside looking in, my life appeared perfect.  But it wasn't. 

I was in an abusive marriage, afraid to leave, hoping he would change, and living in fear of what people would think if they knew the truth of my life. 


I finally got the guts to leave.


When I finally did get the guts to leave, I took my kids and we rented a little house and began to rebuild our lives. 


Then the perfect storm hit.


I lost my job as the makeup artist of the TV station I was working for at the time, yet was fortunate to be given a new opportunity as a TV Talk Show Host.  I was elated!  People on TV make money, right?  Not so much.  I was given a salary that was equivelent to working at a fast food place.


So, here I was again, painting on the face of perfection everyday on TV and meanwhile I was supporting my kids on food stamps. 


I was close to being homeless.


I felt afraid,  broken, and as if I was a huge failure.  On top of it all, I felt like a big fat fake. 

Then I got the call that changed everything

My best friend called and told me she had stage IV Cancer, and only 6 months to live.  Not only was I devastated, I couldn't help but think about how I needed to stop worrying and start living.  

What if I only had 6 months to live?  Would any of my worries and fears matter?  Uh, hell no!

That's when I decided to radically transform my life.  That's when I began to take the steps to let go of the lies of perfection, rediscover who I am, what I want, and create a life of authenticity!  

I decided it was time to find the beauty in myself.  Not just everyone else! 


I wanted to love ME more! 


I'd been so busy loving everyone else, taking care of everyone else, and afraid to just BE myself!  

I am living proof that you can create a life that is amazing!  Beautiful! Joyful!  

You can have incredible relationships and be passionately in love with a partner who mirrors that love back to you.

You can allow yourself to dream and make those dreams come true, without limitations!  

You can feel vibrant, healthy, and energetic because you are happy and free of the self-doubt and lack of beliefs that keep you feeling emotionally drained which leads to weight gain and lack of sleep!

How can you do this?  Join ME!


I have created a powerful process and program to actually help you achieve all of this and more!  

After two decades in the TV, Movie, and Fashion business, I became fed up with the pressures our media-driven society put on women. 

In my work with women across the globe as an author, transformational coach and speaker, I have determined the root cause of this wound.


Women consistently report struggling with a negative inner critic, whose harsh judgments are reinforced by critical media images and commentary.


In addition, the voice is fueled by wounds from the past, a heavy load of fear, and the guilt and resentment that come from people-pleasing behaviors.


Women are being encouraged to prop up a façade rather than make choices that support their true values and spirit.


This inner critic, and its damaging daily messages, is causing a generation to come apart at the seams.


There is an answer. This negative voice can be silenced at last and forever. Women can define beauty in a powerful new way, and become all they were born to be!

I have developed a powerful program to help woman radically, and wonderfully, transform their life.


My  process is backed by stories and testimonials from thousands of my readers and clients world-wide.


I've helped couch potatoes become marathoners, helped broken women mend relationships and break free of abuse and even guided successful executives to greater heights on their terms.


By empowering women to be live confidently and radiate that confidence to the world, the process creates a life and a look that is ageless and unique to every woman!

Do you ever feel like you’ll never be, look or feel good enough to get what you want?

Sometimes it can feel like you’re not young, smart, pretty or strong enough and you’ll never measure up to the expectations of being “the perfect woman.”

Maybe you were taught as a child to believe you weren’t enough or suffered abuse that led you to believe you’re unworthy of being loved.

Perhaps there was a time in your life when you were younger that you felt vibrant, valued and incredibly beautiful but something changed along the way…. (Like hitting mid-life and facing body, hormone, and mood changes that make you feel awful about yourself)

No matter what you try or do, nothing seems to fix the feelings of not being enough.

I remember feeling those same feelings so clearly.

After a string of abusive relationship and striving for perfection in my own life, I realized that 


You’re in the Right Place…

You don’t recognize the woman in the mirror

Even after building a successful career, having a great marriage, raising healthy, happy children, or achieving big goals, you simply don’t resonate with the face you see staring back at you.