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Celebrity Makeup Artist |  Beauty Expert | Self-Confidence Coach

Motivational Keynote Speaker


Unstoppable Confidence

Beauty Redefined

Michelle Phillips

     "I believe a radiant woman knows who she is and lives fearlessly. She doesn’t want a perfect life; she wants a fulfilling life.  She has learned to love and live with compassion, and when fears arise, she uses it as kindling for her next creative effort.

     She has a unique style that gives everything she does a personal touch. She doesn’t chase trends but has been known to start a few. Her friends call her courageous, her loved ones call her beautiful, and she calls herself blessed." 

                                                         ~Michelle Phillips

From National TV appearances to college campuses, fortune 500 corporations, and some of the biggest motivational venues in the world, Michelle has inspired millions through sharing her unique process from her best selling book The Beauty Blueprint (Hay House 2011), which has radically, and wonderfully transformed thousands of lives. 

Michelle Phillips is a Life coach, Best Selling Hay House author, and one of the most influential beauty experts in the entertainment industry with over 25 years experience working with national television networks, on movie sets, with top photographers, and magazines in the business. 



Throughout her career in the entertainment industry, Michelle’s job was to create the illusion of perfection for the camera.  Like so many other women, she automatically strived for that same perfection in her personal life.


After two decades working in the industry, though, Michelle became disillusioned with the business and fed up with the pressures our media-driven society put on women.  She realized the youth was prized over wisdom. Looks mattered more than character. And having the perfect life was more important than enjoying it.


Now, in her work with women across the globe as a Life Coach and Best-selling Hay House author, Michelle has created a successful coaching program that can be used by any woman to radically, and wonderfully, transform her life.


Michelle's program is a proven process, backed by stories and testimonials from thousands of Michelle Phillips’ readers and clients world-wide.







Michelle has helped couch potatoes to become marathoners, helped broken women mend relationships and guided successful executives to greater heights on their terms.


By empowering women to be live confidently and radiate that confidence to the world, the process creates a life and a look that is ageless and unique to every woman.


As an acclaimed author and speaker, Michelle has toured with other acclaimed authors and speakers such as, Dr. Christian Northrup, Suze Orman, Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer.  In addition, Michelle has toured with “The Power Of Women” sharing the stage with Barbara Corcoran, Sigourney Weaver, Joy Behar, and Suzanne Somers. 

Other clients include: University of North Carolina, Verizon, Women's Economic Conference, Face & Body Midwest Conference, Rancho Le Peurta Spa and more. 


Michelle's Client Testimonials:  


"We were honored to have Michelle as our keynote speaker at the Face & Body Midwest Conference. She did a tremendous job, and her message of self-confidence and positivity truly resonates not only with the beauty industry but with women in general. We thank her so much for delivering that message to our audience. I would love to have her back again as a speaker."

Katie Anderson

Managing Editor, Skin Inc. 

Program Director of Face & Body Midwest

“Michelle’s keynote and break out session at our Women’s Leadership Conference was truly meaningful, relevant and most of all inspiring! I loved seeing everyone’s energy, creativity and confidence continue to build throughout the day.  The ladies walked away with a better, more positive understanding of who they are and the value they bring to the table!”

Jeanmarie Milla

President Verizon

FL Region

“Michelle’s keynote at the University of North Carolina was motivating and inspiring! She shared the valuable tools to help students prepare for their future and move forward with self-confidence!”

Caitlin Sexton

Vice President of Programs

University of North Carolina Charlotte

"I was blown away by how quickly Michelle created a comfort level in the room. I watched as the women began to lean in toward her to receive the message. No one left without being impacted by Michelle’s openness and truth."

Susanne Daniels

National Association of Professional Women

We had an enormous amount of positive feedback about Michelle after her Keynote and break out session at the Bridal Expo!  Everyone enjoyed her inspiration! She was a breath of Spring air to our show!  

Marianne Taylor

Executive Director

Summersville Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I heard Michelle speak at a recent Power of Women Conference in Toronto, Canada. She was sincere and endearing to her audience, creative in her approach to get her message across, and just plain real! There were many speakers there that day and Michelle stood out as my favorite! A beautiful gift!”

Deborah Hall

Businesses Coach

Our International Network of Golf Spring Conference certainly could not have been a successful conference without Michelle being an integral part of it through her wonderful keynote address. We had a multitude of great comments about her presentation.” 

Mike Jamison

Executive Director

“Michelle is an excellent communicator with a warm and energetic demeanor. Michelle gets to the heart of the matter and helps others identify and move through their obstacles toward their success.”

Lou Michaels

Senior Coach Talent Dynamics

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Michelle’s keynotes and workshops cover areas such as;

  • Career Development    

  • Overcoming Challenge & Change   

  • Communication   

  • Confidence  

  • Decision Making  

  • Managing and reducing stress  

  • Leadership  

  • Motivation 

  • Personal Growth

  • Personal Wellness  

  • Goal Setting  

  • Team building  

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