I created this show to provide you with powerful tools to help you improve your health, mindset, & self-confidence so you can take the steps to create the life & love you deserve!

BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Therapy 

As we age, many of us suffer from symptoms that affect the quality of our lives such as feeling tired and run down, difficulty sleeping, depression and  even weight gain.  Most likely, the cause is declining hormones.  Nurse Practitioner and Bio-Identical Hormone Expert Joy Drexler joins us to share how she helps her patients improve their health and mindset so they can enjoy a happy healthy life.

Fitness Expert Judy Crowell Teaches us How to Get Fit in Just 10 Minutes a Day! 

National TV Personality and Fitness Expert, Judy Crowell, teaches women over 40 how to lose weight and get in shape without going on any crazy diet or even going to the gym.  She shares practical tools to eat healthy and get fit with her easy 10 minute workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home.

How to Beat Depression and Addiction


Author Sharon Feteke joins Michelle to share how she battled addiction, depression, and mental illness and made her way to a depression and addiction free life.  Sharon is proof that you can go from strung out and on death's door to healthy, happy and thriving!  A story that will help inspire you or someone close to you that is suffering from depression and possibly addiction to take the steps to get support to heal your life and break free from suffering.  

How to Thrive During Covid Parts 1 & 2.

Don't Just Survive...Learn How to THRIVE During the Pandemic!


Join two Powerful Transformation Coaches, Michelle Phillips & Nancy Yeates as they share powerful guidance and tools tools to help you overcome the fear, doubt, worry and issues that are coming up as we live through this pandemic.