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Hey there Beautiful,

I’m Michelle Phillips, celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, empowering transformation coach, speaker, and bestselling author of "The Beauty Blueprint" (Hay House Publishing).

After two decades working behind the scense in the entertainment business, I became disillusioned with this impossible idea of perfection, and with the pressures our media-driven society places on women. Women are being encouraged to prop up a façade rather than make choices that support their true values and desires.


Trying to live up to this façade, we never feel good enough; youth is prized over wisdom, looks matter more than character, and having the “perfect” life is more important than enjoying life.

I provide women with the tools and resources to build the

self-confidence to live their lives fearlessly, create fulfillment, experience life authentically, and love themselves unconditionally.


Michelle Phillips

Hi, I’m Michelle Phillips.


And, I’m passionate about you!


My goal is to add more value to your life than you ever dreamed possible by showing you how to rediscover your innate beauty, become your most confident self, and claim the dreams you've put on hold for way too long.


Curious what I mean?


Picture yourself feeling completely and utterly free to be yourself. You know that inner critic who beats you up for not looking or being perfect? Well, she’d been dethroned by the self-loving, power woman within you who has been waiting to let loose.


(Yep, that kind of oomph is in YOU.)  


You’re taking the steps to take better care of yourself, you have more energy,  you are pursuing your goals and feel surrounded by love and support. You’re even excited to get out of bed each day.  


You actually like the person in the mirror now.


Hell, you might go as far as saying you kind of LOVE her.


And, she has a fiercely fulfilling life to boot.


Nope, this isn’t too good to be true. 


Stick with me because that’s where we’re headed.


Are you ready to prioritize your health, learn to manage stress, and overcome the fears that have been holding you back from achieving your goals and living a happy fulfilling life?

I'm here to help you navigate through life's challenges.

In 2006, I found myself divorced with three small children, living on food stamps, and on the verge of homelessness. It was a daunting and incredibly tough time. However, I refused to let circumstances define my future. I had to quickly figure out how to pick myself up, believe and trust in myself, and take the steps to rebuild my life.

The turning point came when I sought the guidance of a life coach, and that decision changed my life completely. The transformation was so powerful that I decided to become a life coach myself.

No joke... within a short time, I was offered a book deal and a radio show with Hay House Publishing, was being mentored by Louise Hay, and on speaking tours with Louise, Wayne Dyer, and many other amazing Hay House Authors.

Fast forward to today—I'm a well-known TV Beauty Expert and Women's Empowerment Coach sharing my professional advice on National TV and worldwide through my online coaching programs.

The BEST part of ALL! I met the man of my dreams, and together we've been living an incredible love story for over 9 years. AND my children are all grown up, living happy, healthy lives, and creating their own miracles. 

I'm not just a life coach but also a beauty expert who has had the privilege of working with celebrities in Hollywood and on National TV for over 20 years.

Through my journey, I've come to understand that true beauty radiates from within, and having a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence is essential for living the life you desire.

Now, I'm thrilled to invite you to join me on a transformative Mind, Body, and Beauty journey.

It's not just about looking great on the outside; it's about fostering a positive mindset and creating a life that brings you happiness and fulfillment.

My passion is to share the knowledge and tools that have helped me, and countless others break free from self-doubt, negativity, and fear so you can live a happy, fulfilling life, and in turn, look better than you have in years!.

Together, let's pave the way for true happiness, stronger relationships, and increased success in every aspect of our lives. Are you ready for the positive transformation that awaits you?

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