Bestselling Author-National TV and Radio Host | Keynote Speaker-Executive/Life Coach

From National TV appearances to college campuses, fortune 500 corporations, and some of the biggest motivational venues in the world, Michelle Phillips has inspired millions! Over the years she shared her message on stages in the US and Canada as part of the Power of Women Tours, “I Can Do It!” events, corporations, government organizations and colleges across the country.

Among the many reasons Michelle is such a sought after speaker and coach is that she knows in today’s challenging personal and professional environment, success starts with more than just exciting speeches. She knows people are burned out, stressed out and dealing with exhausting external pressures to perform at the highest levels and they need practical tools to get through it all. To provide help that can be easily integrated into our everyday lives, Michelle teaches the timeless qualities of authentic success she learned from her personal journey of triumph over adversity and lessons from experiences working in the media for over 20 years with world leaders, national news anchors, entertainers, and corporate executives. 

Michelle’s unique, step-by-step process of personal assessment and development taps into the “success tools” within us all and empowers individuals to adapt to change, overcome obstacles, and build the self-esteem needed to flourish and grow. 

Based on this process, Michelle’s best-selling book,  “The Beauty Blueprint: 8 Steps to Building the Life and Look of Your Dreams (Hay House, 2011) topped lists in the US, UK, Canada, Japan, and Australia, for over 30 weeks in both paperback and Kindle.

Along with her book and speaking, Michelle continues to spread her message in a variety of ways, including; TV appearances such as Fox, CBS and NBC, radio and some of the most trafficked blogs across multiple genres.

Building Self-Confidence for Life, Love & Money!

Let’s be honest we all want more in our lives. We want more fulfilling relationships, better health, and in a perfect world, we would like careers that provide both financial security and purpose. For many people, however, they don’t feel worthy of this “more” which turns into excuses and limiting beliefs. “I’m not good enough, smart enough or capable of getting what I want” can play on a loop inside our heads preventing us from having the confidence to even write down our goals.

Michelle’s step-by-step process of personal assessment works to unlock not only accepting and asking for what you want, it provides the self-confidence needed to project your value to the world and get it! By creating this clarity of purpose and strength, you can learn to stop procrastinating and overcome the everyday fears that are keeping you from the abundance you so richly deserve.

It’s not a mountain, it’s a stepping stone!

Have you ever been in the process of making a resume or reflecting on your life and thought, “I really have accomplished a lot?” The strength of character and confidence you feel at that moment verges on invincibility. Unfortunately, when we are experiencing life’s major challenges, such as divorce, job stresses or loss, financial struggles or seeking to find purpose and passion in our lives, we tend to forget our strengths and see only our weaknesses. Looking up at these problems can make them seem like Mt. Everest, but with the right tools and healthy perspective, the climb gets easier.

By learning to take stock in our positive qualities and accomplishments, find support and tools to gain clarity, we can go beyond surviving to thriving during tough times. These problems can quickly be turned from insurmountable obstacles into appreciated stepping stones on our journey.

The 7 Most Important Seconds – Keys to making a positive first impression

Science shows that we make a first impression within 7 seconds of meeting someone. While the assumption is that this impression is made solely based on external factors, what each individual “projects” goes far deeper. In this program, Michelle uses her process to help both men and women define and foster the strength of character, core values, and personal purpose that truly conveys their first impression. In addition to creating a positive initial impact, her process has yielded well-being, enhanced communication skills and has been proven to increase sales and morale.

Are you where you want to be?

Many times in life we wake up and think, “How did I get here?” You could be stuck in a relationship that it isn’t working for you or in a job that isn’t in alignment with what you want for your life. While it may not be obvious to you, the nagging feelings in your gut that something isn’t right could be causing anxiety, physical illness and compromising your performance.

Taking the time to reassess goals, values and purpose should be a constant systems check for everyone. By reviewing the areas of your life where you can get back on track, and what’s important, you will have the strength to remove the energy suckers and speak up for what you want and need. Keeping your life in balance is essential both personally and professionally leads to success all the way around

Women’s Series: Taking the lead in your life

The female high performers and movers and shakers of the world are faced with an entirely different set of challenges; moving up the ladder while juggling family and a sense of purpose. Here Michelle gives executive women the growth tools from her process to move forward through their professional and personal lives with increasing ease.

Women’s Series: Boss doesn’t have to be the “B” Word

As opportunities in society continue to open up to women and gender roles shift women are increasingly assuming their well-earned positions of power. This power is coming with a new set of challenges like striking delicate balance between leadership and femininity. Michelle has found that with women in business, being firmly in touch with your values, goals and purpose, translates into speaking your authority in an authentic manner. By using her process to reconnect with each person’s inherent success tools Michelle empowers women to achieve greater sales of their personal brand at every level. Michelle believes that, “By reconnecting to self, you stand a far greater chance of connecting to others.”

In Michelle’s keynotes and workshops she covers areas such as;

Personal and Professional Image- Career Development – Overcoming Challenge & Change - Communication - Confidence - Decision Making –Managing and reducing stress- Integrity - Interpersonal Skills Leadership – Motivation- Personal Growth - Personal Wellness – Self-Esteem – Goal Setting - Team building - Values - Work Ethics

Praise for Michelle - Speaking Associates

Lou Michaels

Senior Coach Talent Dynamics
“Michelle is an excellent communicator with a warm and energetic demeanor. Her empathetic and positive nature allows her to relate well to a broad spectrum of people. Michelle gets to the heart of the matter and helps other identify move through their obstacles toward their success. She has my highest recommendation.”

Deborah Hall

Businesses Coach
“I heard Michelle speak at a recent Power of Women Conference in Toronto, Canada. She was sincere and endearing to her audience, creative in her approach to get her message across, and just plain real! There were many speakers there that day and Michelle stood out as my favorite! A beautiful gift!”

Cheryl White

Host of  Catalyst Business Radio Show
“Michelle is one of the most genuine people I know, who really “gets” what we go through in reconciling our past with the present and future and setting us on the path to excellence in our careers and in our relationships. She adds so much to our radio show whenever she is on, and connects with the audience instantaneously. It’s such an amazing experience to be able to work with her, and we recommend her unconditionally to anyone who wants to grow in their lives and careers!”

Dawn LaCrosse

Event Planner, Inspiring Occasions
“Over the last few years Michelle Phillips has worked on a number of my events and as an emcee, keynote speaker, and vocal advocate, and has been an invaluable resource to the women’s and children’s organizations with which I serve.  As a planner I am grateful for her services, and as a member of the community I am honored to have had her contributions.”

Susanne Daniels

National Association of Professional Women
"When a speaker is presenting, I always take a seat in the back so I can watch the group reaction to the presentation. I was blown away by how quickly Michelle created a comfort level in the room. I watched as the women began to lean in toward her to receive the message. That just doesn't happen that often! Michelle’s message is empowering and I am so grateful to women like her-women who are courageous enough to take down their own walls in order to help others. No one left without being impacted by Michelle’s openness and truth."

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